Thu. Sep 28th, 2023

Welcome to Augusta R/C Supercross.

Beginner Friendly Track!

We welcome all newcomers to the hobby!  We run novice races, which consist of all age ranges. Novice racers make up one of our fastest growing classes.  The Only Rule is batteries are limited to no larger than a 4s lipo and just "run what ya got" (any car and class) and have fun learning.  Everyone that races at Augusta R/C Supercross is there to help and offer assistance.  If you want to come out and watch some races before giving it a shot, spectators are free and we encourage talking to other racers in the pits. 

Off-Road Track:

We limit our track to 1/8th & 1/10th Scale and a maximum of 4s lipo Batteries. The track is a family friendly and handicap accessible place to race off-road RC vehicles for all ages and skill levels.  We run Novice (Beginner), Sportsman (Amateur), and Pro level classes.

Crawling - Tree Hugger Trails:

Augusta R/C Supercross Park Has a Crawling Course that has been built by Brian Evans with some of the best features you could ask for. With its many obstacles and course within the Pine Forest of Augusta R/C Supercross Park you will not be disappointed.

Bashing Field:

We have plenty of Field Space for the bigger R/C's that run 6' and higher lipos. Example X-Maxx, Kraton, etc. These R/C Trucks are just to big for the track and causes a lot of damage to the pipe work around the track. PLEASE use the field.

Want to help Augusta R/C Supercross?


Augusta R/C Supercross Inc. is a local Non-Profit Incorporation that serves the community by providing an R/C Park that is free to the community to use. We raise money by holding events and competitions that participants pay to enter and participate in. We give out awards and prizes at these events when available. All structures and objects that pertain to R/C's we have to fund and provide for and there is a lot that we have not yet been able to provide. Although what we have accomplished is impressive. The grounds and infrastructure, restrooms, parking lot, power the city provides us so we can in-turn provide an R/C Park for the community. If you love R/C’s as much as we do, we would love your support by donating to our cause!

NEW!! 2022 Rock Crawling Course:

We have and awesome new area for Crawling - Rock Area, Dirt Hill Area & A Wooded course with everything you can imagine.