Thu. Jan 27th, 2022

Race Class Info


Class: 1/8th Scale

Whatever your 1/8th scale preference is Nitro - Electric - Buggy or Truggy this class has the biggest showing.


Class: 1/10th Scale

Short Course Trucks are very popular and there several 1/10 scale buggies. I think every one still has a SCT. Bring them on out and lets race!

Rock Crawling Course

Rock Crawling Course

Coming Soon! If your into Realistic Scale Trucks & Rock Crawlers Get ready we will have something for you Summer 2019.


1/10th Scale 2wd Stadium Trucks & NEW! 4wd Stadium Trucks

2wd Stadium class was one of the biggest classes out there in early 2000's, Lets bring them back out and see who can still drive 2wd open wheel.

2019 New 4wd Stadium Truck was introduced - This will become a HOT New Class to race in. FUN, FUN, FUN!!

Kids Class is FREE!!

If you are a beginner and under 18 yrs old. You can race for FREE!!! We want to encourage more youth to take up an exciting & fun hobby, so come on out make some laps on a timing system to see your progress as you learn to race.

Kids Class

Next Steps...

If you have some questions about racing with us at Augusta R/C Supercross or just interested in getting into this exciting hobby feel free to contact us